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Leona Noronha Natural & Organic Hair Salon, Oxford

For an appointment in our Abingdon salon, call: 077 8797 4363

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Our Natural Approach

Your hair is a big part of your identity and it says a lot about you, your tastes, your personality and your image. So, it has to be right, everytime. Great and amazing hair boosts confidence and self esteem and has a positive impact on your day to day life. When your hair looks and feels good, YOU feel good.

Ensuring that the salon you visit, uses good products that are high performing, safe and gentle on the hair and scalp, without compromising on the results whilst caring for your hair, and finding that HAIR ARTIST who understands you and the needs of your hair is another important step towards achieving the hair that you have always wanted.

We have a more natural base to our products. The shine, the condition and the feel of your hair improves with the use of these products, over time. The products are vegan, tested against a national database and not on animals and are free from Ammonia, fumes and harsh toxins. The toxic chemicals that pervade traditional hair dyes and products have been replaced with more Natural and Organic ingredients that will restore your hair's shine and texture thus leaving it soft and easy to manage.

We offer you two ranges that not only deliver great results but also do the least harm to you and your hair. Our Ammonia free Permanent colour range is odourless and has every gorgeous shade imaginable. Our PPD free range,does not contain Ammonia or Hydrogen peroxide. Water is the catalyst to make this colour work- Yes ! Water. It can be used as a semi, demi or permanent colour.

We will also advise you on your after care products that you can use at home that will keep your hair in great condition between salon visits.

So, call us, to book in your FREE consultation and lets talk about your how we can work towards achieving the hair of your dreams. Irrespective of what's happening in the world around you,you can trust us,to give you whats best for your hair.

So, its definitely worth a try!