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Leona Noronha Natural & Organic Hair Salon, Oxford

For an appointment in our Abingdon salon, call: 077 8797 4363

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Cancellation Policy: Please give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation so that your appointment is available for someone else. Late cancellations or missed appointments will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to at least half the cost of the treatment session.

When you visit us for the first time, a full consultation will be carried out, so as to get to know you and understand the needs of your hair. We will recommend what's best for your hair, thereby advising you on the appropriate cut and color, to suit your personality and lifestyle.


Cleanse, cut & finish

Short hair (45 min)

(from) £45.00

Cleanse, cut & finish

Medium hair (45 min)

(from) £50.00

Cleanse, cut & finish

Long hair (45 min)

(from) £55.00

Re-invention (1 hour, 30 min)

(from) £75.00

Teen girls (45 min)

(from) £30.00

Fringe trim (10 min)

(from) £5.00


Cleanse, cut & finish (45 min)

(from) £22.00

Cleanse, cut & finish (scissors only) (45 min)

(from) £30.00

Re-invention (50 min)

(from) £35.00

Teen boys (45 min)

(from) £18.00


A skin test and consultation is necessary at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Design colour (2 hours)

(from) £75.00

Root tint (1 hour 30 min)

(from) £47.00

Seaweed lightener tone (2 hours)

(from) £74.00

Semi permanent (2 hours)

(from) £46.00

Colour correction

(from) £135.00

Hi lighting

Fringe hi lights (45 min)

(from) £25.00

Parting hi lights (1 hour 30 min)

(from) £45.00

T-section (2 hours)

(from) £57.00

Half head (2 hours 30 min)

(from) £65.00

Full head (regular) (3 hours)

(from) £88.00

Full head (long) (4 hours)

(from) £110.00


Intense conditioning for tired and thirsty hair

(from) £25.00

Avocado and coconut oil (all hair types)

(from) £32.00

Advanced smoothing treatment

Enjoy FRIZZ FREE hair for 100 days with our new Advanced Smoothing treatment which is available for all hair types.

Treatment includes home take away pack of Award winning Paraben and SLS free shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.

Advanced smoothing treatment (2 hours)

(from) £120.00

Organic perm/volumising

Perming has come a long way since the tight curly perms of the 1980's. The Organic perm can create soft curls which are full of volume and movement, keeping your hair in excellent condition, whilst looking natural.

Our revolutionary Organic perming products are completely free from Ammonia and thioglycolates. The neutraliser system contains plant amino acids, which soothe and condition the scalp. The Organic perm we offer, is suitable for all hair types, including damaged hair, which (ironically!!) is undamaged by the perming process thereby leaving it with a natural bounce, feel and shine.

Organic perm/volumising

(from) £120.00

Wedding hair

For hair-up and wedding appointments, it is advisable to pop in for a consultation or email us a snap of your hair (down) and a snap of the look you would like.

Wedding Hair

(from) £72.00